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Library Policies

Rules and Procedures

All school rules apply in the library.
  • Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Before School
  • When the librarian is present, students may use the library to check out books, use the school's computers/printer, and use the table areas.
During Class Time
  • Students may use the library with a pass from a teacher.
  • Students may use the library computers and printer for school work. Games and social media are not considered school work.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed.
During Lunch
  • The library will normally be closed during lunch, however, students may request permission to complete school work during their lunch break.
  • The library may be used for supervised meetings upon approval from the librarian.
  • During lunch only, students may eat and drink at the table areas.
  • Students must clean up any mess they make at lunch time. If this becomes a problem, your group or organization will not be allowed to have lunch meetings in the library.
After School
  • The library is open after school until 4:00 pm.
  • Students may use the library after school as long as they are working independently and quietly. Group work is okay as long as it is school related and quiet.

General Policies

  •  Students may check out a maximum of 4 books at a time for a two week window.
  • Fines of 10 cents a day will be imposed for overdue material.
  • Internet is available to all students who have returned their signed Signature Packet to the office.
  • Computers are to be used for school related projects. Any student misusing computers will have their access disabled.