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Principal's Bio

Ms. Garrison's Bio


It has been my privilege and honor to serve as the Lexington High School principal since 2014 and the district since 2006.  While serving as high school principal, I have worked closely with the staff to implement changes that improved test scores, earned distinction designations, increased attendance, encourage service and student involvement. 


Through student interests surveys and strategic planning the high school increased the range of elective offerings, extracurricular opportunities and student organizations.  The high school campus has been recognized as a “Best High School” by U. S. News and World Reports.  This evaluation is based on SAT/ACT, AP, State Testing and Dual Credit opportunities for students.  The staff has worked hard to bring Dual Credit opportunities to students, we participate in UT’s OnRamps Dual Enrollment program for English, History and Science.  We have partnerships with Blinn for Math Dual Credit and technical credit in medical terminology along with criminal justice.


Beginning in 2014, LHS has worked with the middle school principal to add the Career Portals class and align high school credit opportunities to include PE, and Fine Arts in 2020 the offerings were adjusted to include Career and Technology Education entry level courses:  Principles of Ag, Principles of Health Science, and Principles of Art & Media. 


The Academic UIL team increased performance by more than 74%, placing second in 2018 and first in 2019 and COVID19 robbing us the opportunity for a back-to-back repeat.  At Lexington, we strive to celebrate our students and staff through endeavors such as include the “Week in Review”, Senior Scholarship Banquet, Honors Night Out, and Friday Focus.


In my time at Lexington I have ridden a donkey, kissed a goat, shot marshmallow shooters and danced a zombie dance. I do not have kids of my own, so it is intuitive to invest in other peoples’ kids.  My husband is an AD/Head basketball coach in a neighboring district. There are times in the school year, particularly on “game night” where we are more than five hundred miles apart doing virtually the same thing.