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Principal's Bio

Ms. Garrison's Bio


2006 marked my first year at Lexington ISD, as the district testing coordinator and assistant principal. Since then I have served the district as middle school principal, and now as the high school principal. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work in Lexington. Our district has wonderful students and excellent teachers. The community as a whole, works together to strengthen the academic and extracurricular programs available. I am blessed to be able to work with an outstanding group of teachers and students who consistently demonstrate high levels of academic success and extra-curricular involvement.

Before coming to Lexington, I spent six years at Hempstead ISD as a teacher, extra-curricular program sponsor, and as an administrator. My first teaching job was in Cross Roads teaching Art and English, sponsoring Beta and One Act Play. That was a busy three years.

The TAFE students recently asked me who inspired me to become an educator. Quite simply I can name three people: my mother (an art teacher); my U. S. History teacher, Suzanne Bardwell (she was also the TAFE sponsor); and my Art teacher, Mrs. Pierce. Grew up in North East Texas, and after graduating high school earned my first degree at the University of North Texas. I obtained my master’s degree at the University of St. Thomas Houston, and have doctoral level coursework from Lamar University.

I live on a rocky plot of land where: two cows and one donkey graze; over thirty boer goats test the fence line for integrity; one big white duck free-loads; and two cats and a dog do as little as possible. My other half, Coach Spain, is the AD/Head Basketball Coach at Hempstead ISD, when he is not running herd over the domesticated animals.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, spending time with friends/family and catching! – as opposed to fishing. We usually try to spend time at the beach each summer and make at least one salt water fishing run. Reading is typically how I end each day. Some of my favorite authors include: Dan Brown, Jim Butcher, Michael Critchon, James Herriott and Celia Rivenbark. Most of our family is still in East Texas, and we spend holidays catching up with things in the Pineywoods. I have two sisters and they each have two kids. I collectively call them the “cousins” as they range in ages between eight and four. My niece recently wanted to know if principal’s got to take days off or go to other schools, because she wanted me to come and see her at her school.